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Learning has never been easier.

Study easier with the use of EduInno

EudInno - an innovative educational application that combines artificial intelligence and AR technology to facilitate the learning of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects.

  • solve math problems using AI
  • see formulas from physics, chemistry...
  • from history see landmarks through AR


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3,280 avg rating
What features does this app have?

This app offers help in over
10 subjects

Through the EduInno app, transform your approach to learning and improve productivity. A variety of tools allow you to personalize your learning, making it interesting and intriguing.

Learn math using AI

Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, you can now learn and solve math problems in a fast and efficient way, improving your understanding and skills with the help of AI systems.

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Learn formulas from math, physics

Explore the world of formulas in physics, chemistry and mathematics in a unique place, where the knowledge test becomes an exciting process of learning and adopting the key formulas for your academic success!

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Learn biology with AR

Through an exciting augmented reality biology adventure, explore the fascinating world of microorganisms and uncover the secrets of disease while immersing yourself in an interactive learning experience!

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Test your knowledge with quizzes

Accelerate your way to knowledge through a variety of interactive quizzes that will allow you to test your understanding of different subjects with ease and fun!

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Innovative learning

EduIno revolutionizes learning with AI and AR in biology, math, and history

EduIno makes it possible to learn biology, mathematics and history using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

  • Solve math problems with artificial intelligence
  • See math formulas in one place
  • Learn about calculus
  • Learn new things about geometry
  • Learn biology lessons through the app
  • With the help of AI technology, scan birds, plants, insects and learn more about them
  • See organs and microorganisms in reality through augmented reality
  • Check and learn something new in biology through quizzes
  • Learn geography lessons in an interactive way
  • View significant events from history through the timeline explorer
  • Through AR technology, see many historical sights in reality and learn something about them
  • Test your knowledge of history or learn something new through an interactive and interesting quiz

This is a complete one app for all subjects

EduInno revolutionizes your learning by providing innovative methods for mathematics with lessons, formulas, geometry and calculus, along with AR experiments for physics, browsing the periodic table of elements in chemistry and history lessons in augmented reality. Also, it allows learning and repeating English grammar and much more.


Develop chemical knowledge through calculator, formulas, periodic table and quizzes!


Explore geography through AR, practice with a time converter, follow lessons and solve quizzes!


Explore biology with lessons, AR scanning of plants and insects, and take quizzes!


Solve physics problems in an exciting way using AI, learn lessons, explore AR experiments, study formulas, measure units and test your knowledge with a quiz!

Solve problems

Solve math, chemistry &
physics problems with
the help of AI technology

Solve math problems using AI technology

This innovative application uses advanced AI technology to enable you to efficiently solve complex math problems, thus facilitating the learning and teaching process.

Explore the world of chemistry

Solve problems, explore the periodic table of elements, test your knowledge through quizzes and discover new concepts.

Explore the world of physics through an innovative app

Solve problems with artificial intelligence, review lessons, learn formulas in a unique way, convert units of measurement, test your knowledge with quizzes and much more!

How much does it cost to use the app?

Check out the app's price list plans


0 USD Per Month

  • Contains ads
  • Solve math physics chemistry problems with AI
  • See things from geography, biology, history through augmented reality
  • Organize your school day through the timetable
  • Learn and preview lessons in biology, chemistry, physics...
  • Explore the periodic table of elements, learn to program, learn about music and art and much more...
Where can I download the app?

Available soon on app stores

The EduInno application will soon be available through the Google Play store, as well as the app store platform.

The goal of the app

Main goal of this app is to solve problems, speed up learning and make learning more interesting

As the founder of this app, I can proudly point out that Eduinno represents a revolution in education by combining education and innovation. Our app uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality to transform the way we learn. With the ability to facilitate the learning process, we make it not only more efficient, but also more interesting, allowing students to acquire knowledge faster. In this way, we create space for more time for students, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their lives. Eduinno is not just an app; it is a guide to the future of education.

Kenan Mahmutagić



Use our advanced app to explore the wonders of physics - solve problems with AI technology, learn lessons with ease, experience experiments through AR technology, access all physics formulas and perfect the skill of converting units of measurement.


In this app, you can explore geography in a fascinating way - using advanced AR technology to realistically display geographical phenomena. Go through the lessons, explore the real world through your smart device and test your knowledge through interactive geography quizzes.


Within this app, explore the fascinating functions of chemistry! Find all chemical formulas in one place, browse the periodic table of elements and explore an interactive quiz to learn something new or test your chemistry knowledge. Learning chemistry has never been this fun and affordable!


Manage your school day simply and efficiently by organizing your class schedule within the app.

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